Hello!! My name is Lisa #thebutterflyer Gisby,

This is the chance to know all about me!

My favorite color is ruby red,

Who is extra tall + one giant of a kid.

You are probably are wondering what I do,

I provide a personalised transport and assist-a-friend service just for you.

I love to talk, make art and go on tiki-tour drives,

While always having S&V bun cakes breaks between 9 am - 5 (pm).

What makes me stand out from the rest?

I love to drive, morning, noon, and night #bless.

I am honest, friendly, reliable, professional and kind,

That provides a safe door-to-door service for peace of mind.

Rest assured I am totally qualified,

With all the correct licences - 

For my hot little #butterflyer teddy ride,

Newly refreshed and first aid certified.

Seems like yesterday - but January 2020 - just been,

NZ Police vetted and squeaky clean.

And before I forget - it must be said;

Bookings are essential and money is agreed before we spread the butterflyer wings.

I am trying my best to become acc provider and certified,

OMG! the paperwork is a painstaking pending ride,

And the total mobility scheme; voice mails and emails to no avail,

I have my a secret weapon of rainbow chasing #iwillnevergiveup #theforevertimescale.

I have a little #orratheralot O.C.D,

I am always on time and never late.

I charge a fair, competitive and honorable rate,

I have references that are so sweeeeeet - it is fate!

All my butterflyer clients love to say...

"I love your cute butterflyer shiny car!"

- Upon our first met.

#itbringsmeghappines and #warmfuzzies that are absolutely neat!